Real-world techniques:Not just 'resume writing' and 'interviewing tips', get the edge you need to actually land a job you love!


Have you tried every program out there to prepare yourself for interviewing? Handled everything from your resume to your nerves, felt you were outwitting the competition in the job market and yet still failed to find work?

Have you sent endless emails, posted to countless job app sites, experienced rejection after hearing 'Thanks for coming in' or 'We'll be in touch'?

Interview Blueprint is a complete, online, digital training platform for job seekers that gets results. We help you land a job you love.

Isn't it time to take control of your employability?

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How it Works

5 fast and effective courses designed to fully prepare you to get a job now!

1. Get Hired Fundamentals Course

2. Pre-Interview Essentials Course

3. Interviewing Mastery Course

4. Post-Interview Process Course

5. Entrepreneurship 101

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10 Interview Truths

Student Testimonials

Students from across the country are raving about Your Interview Blueprint courses.

JessieThis simple program gave me the confidence I needed to get the job I was praying for.

BenjaminThere's no better training out there if you need to get a job right after graduation. Best investment I've made in myself.

ElizabethSimple, effective and really made it clear to me how I can get the job of my dreams.

AbigailI loved these courses! They were short, smart and gave me tools I could use immediately.

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KEYNOTE SPEAKER: David Lee JensenEnhance your career day, a job fair or employmentguidance curriculum, with an Interview Blueprint expertpresenting at your organization.

    "David was invited to speak at ASU because there is an urgent need to enlighten students on what happens next to apply their education." - Dr. Mahdi Brown

    "This was the most impactful and useful presentation for our students ever." - David Coronado

    "This program should be in every school worldwide to give everyone a chance to explore their dreams." -Dr. Kwame Otuo-Achampong

    ✓ Interview.

    ✓ Land the job.

    ✓ Create your future.


    Will choose to pursue careers in their specialty field of interest this year.


    Will invest in themselves annually and take the entrepreneurial leap.

    "My purpose is to create a remarkable impact on the production & prosperity of the world."

    Founder, David Lee Jensen