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With 4 Core Courses

Have you tried every program out there to prepare yourself for interviewing, handle everything from your resume to your nerves, to outwitting the competition in the job market and yet still failed to find work? If you’ve found yourself sending endless emails, posting to countless job application sites, experiencing rejection after “Thanks for coming in.” or “We’ll be in touch.” job interviews… we can help you. Your Interview Blueprint is an online digital training platform for job seekers that gets results.

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What you will get out of these courses:

  • Short 2-3 Minute Training Videos
  • Complete With Testing to ensure understanding
  • Resume Writing
  • Finding a Company
  • Researching a Company
  • Picking the Right Job for you
  • Understanding the job market
  • How to Handle the Interview
  • What to say to ensure you get the job
  • How to identify the ideal group to work for
  • How to ensure you get the job YOU want
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • The 10 Interviewing Truths
  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • How to Build Your Own Business
  • The importance of networking
  • How to become the best in your industry
  • How to utilize internships and your degree
  • How to Pick Your Employer
  • How Social Media Can Be Your Ally
  • The exact questions to ask the interviewer
  • How to create a product
  • The value of networking
  • Understanding your degree vs. experience
  • Downloadable resumes
  • Extra Webinar Content on how to land a job
  • How to use job searching sites


David Lee Jensen, Creator of Interview Blueprint

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This FAST and EFFECTIVE online course was built for you to take confusion out of how to find a job and ensure you know what to do in the interview.  Designed for anyone looking for a job, advice for Veterans included in all modules.

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Course 1

Pre-Interview Essentials

Learn the essentials of the pre-interview.  Before you even show up to the interview you have to know what it is to look for, what job is right for you, how to write your resume, prepare yourself, and prep your references.  This module, complete with testing, is your answer to the pre-interview

  1. How to Make a Decision
  2. How to Write the Perfect Resume
  3. Prepare with Research
  4. Get and Prep Your References
  5. How to Dress for Your Interview

Course 2

Interviewing Mastery

You have done all the hard work, you prepped yourself, you have confidently written a great resume and cover letter, your references are ready and the dress code is understood.  How do you handle your nerves? What do you say in the interview, do you know the secret question that you must ask to get the job? Learn in this module where your career gets made.

  1. How do you distinguish yourself from other candidates?
  2. What questions do you ask the interviewer?
  3. How to handle your nerves
  4. The magic question to get the job

Course 3

Post-Interview Process

The interview went great, but how do you secure your job for sure? The magic is in the follow-up.  What can you do to ensure the interviewer does not forget about you, that you do not become one of the masses.  This module will train you on the latest techniques to follow-up like a professional and land the job you love.

  1. How do you follow-up
  2. The ways to follow-up
  3. What the job market is today
  4. How you can win in the job market

Course 4

Entrepreneurship 101

The brave, the adventurous, the ambitious desire to build their own dream and create their own company.  Learn what is not taught in colleges about entrepreneurship and how you can learn to be your own boss, create your own company and take control of your future.

  1. How to find a business idea
  2. What is entrepreneurship
  3. How you can effect change in the marketplace
  4. How to build a product that is demanded
  5. How to take control of your income
  6. How to brand yourself and build your digital identity
  7. Understand the skills of networking
  8. How to get started in entrepreneurship

Bonus Content*

11 Additional Courses on Tips and Resources

Learn from the experts who made it, who built multi million dollar companies on how to make it in the job market today.  There is a lot to know this section simplifies the most difficult concepts of both getting hired and how to be a brave entrepreneur.

Today's Job Market

  • What to know about employers
  • Your Experience Vs. Your Degree
  • How to make the impression
  • Picking the Right Employer

Where do you start?

  • What are the Best Job Search Sites
  • Use Social Media to your Advantage
  • Campus Career Centers
  • Your Own Network of People

Advanced Job Search

  • Analyzing your strengths and knowledge
  • Looking for opportunity
  • How to become an expert
  • Know Everything About Your Industry
  • How to prepare for rejection

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