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Over 4,000,000 college students will graduate and enter the U.S. job market, just this year alone.

60-83% of college graduates leave school without their first full-time job lined-up.

1 in 5 university graduates aren't working a degree-demanding job a decade after leaving school.

The first step is to handle and gain control of your employability.

"Students of the millennial generations are too often not prepared with skills to find and land a job."

- David Lee Jensen, Founder

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David Lee Jensen

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About the Author

Recognized as the Hiring Expert, David Lee Jensen is an entrepreneur and business growth consultant who tours as a speaker / trainer.  His highly-acclaimed book The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret reveals his true personal experiences and behind-the-scenes stories of why you choosing the right people for your team is so vitally necessary in business and life With straight-talk and a bit of humor Jensen reveals an effective, exact hiring process.  Now, the headache of hiring is handled.  The Naked Interview was the basis for The Hiring System which is used by top Fortune 100 andInc. 500 companies, in addition to franchises and small businesses internationally. Now with Hire Me or Else, David tackles the other side of the desk showing college students, veterans and anyone trying to get a job the exact steps to accomplish it.

Your edge over the competition

Job seekers have to plan their approach carefully for their first position.  Preparation and dedication to that next step is a must for success.  This book will place you on the path with the following:

  • Learn techniques you can immediately use
  • Understand what employers think
  • Gain mastery over the interview
  • Know what job is perfect for you and how to get it
  • Follow Up Techniques applicable to landing a job
  • How to distinguish yourself from everyone else
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See what hundreds of satisfied graduates and others are saying about this book!

"I could say this book changed my life; because it opened my eyes to new options." - Jess M.

"Getting a job I won't hate is now a reality and simply so." - John Q.

"Anyone who needs to overcome the challenges of finding work, needs this book!" - Sandra R.

"Hire Me Or Else was direct, easy to read and understand." - Rachel W.

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